Yes, you ARE endorsing Donald Trump!

I am utterly amused by this ridiculous dance that most republicans perform arround Donald Trump. The Un-Endorsement. They are ashamed of their support, aso they say often “I will vote for him, but I am NOT to going to endorse him.”

Here is the truth. If you vote for someone, like it or not, you ARE endorsing this person by definition.

According to

If someone puts their fame or name behind something, they’re endorsing it and giving their approval. That goes for checks, too: when you sign one you’ve just written, you’ve endorsed it.

So, somebody in the media stop these people from kidding themselves!
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But it is not up to Trump, not his fault!

Here is the issue worthy of media attention, yet no one is talking about it. Not enough anyway. .. There is not that much more to say about Trump. Of course he will continue tweet nonsense and he will keep doing what he is doing. But every sane person knows already who he really is.

So, there is nothing about him that will surprise us. Now is the time to realize that Trump is not the problem. Trump alone means nothing. The problem is that millions of people who already KNOW who he really is, still support him.

I understand that at the beginning some were blinded by all his glitter and glorious promises… But now?

Now even a child can see that he is a liar and a first class narcissist. Confronting him with facts, even ridiculing him, is not going to change his behavior. Not a chance. Any kind of reasoning we might bring to his attention rolls off Trump like water off a duck’s back.

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Bragging about being humble – why not?

There were so many amazing moments in that interview, this short video captured them very well. But my favorite moment was Trump’s statemnt “I think I’m very humble. I am much more humble than you would understand.”

So, you see Trump is all those things he says, if we don’t get it it because it is beyond our capacity to understand.

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It’s not ideology that inspires terrorists

Amazing insight regarding the topic of radicalization from Clark McCauley, psychologist who has studied terrorist groups and lone actor extremists for years. Terrorists are not pathologists, not evil, but they are people like you and me. And what inspires them is… LOVE.

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Maybe Donald Trump is just a dope!

David Letterman said that it is possible that Donald Trump is not a racist, but just a guy who says stupid things to get people’s attention. Maybe he is just a dope…

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MSNBC Breaking News – seriously?

Two days ago MSNBC, which used to report real news some time ago, reached a new low.
I was so shocked that I reached for a camera…

Nothing against Lindsay Lohan, but why is this ANY kind of news, let alone breaking?

Why is this ANY kind of news – let alone breaking?

Breaking News? Really? I have nothing against Lindsay Lohan, but why is this ANY kind of news, let alone breaking? Discussing her tweet during the peak hours on a serious news program is the biggest news crap I’ve seen for a long time.

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Some voters are like drunk drivers…

Should eeryone be allowed to vote? Perhaps we would have a better turnout and more meaningful participation if voting would be a privilege, that people must somehow earn. Perhaps some kind of very basic test to prove that they know how the government works?

Not my idea. A few years ago Jason Brennan wrote a book “The Ethics of Voting” and although I know this might sound evil elitist, after I read about it, I think it would be good for our country.

Brennan says that misinformed voters are like drunk drivers. Come to think, they do a lot of harm.

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