197.000 Light Years Away

"197.000 Light Years Away"I didn’t write lately because I’m getting ready for three different shows. Need to prepare five new paintings. And I can bet you know how it is – when we work on schedule everything takes longer than expected. So, much more work than I planned and the submission date is already a week from today.

I am not complaining because I love every second of this madness. Evidently, this is my true passion. But time is at premium, so not enough time to write.

I can show you already the triptych I will submit to the show titled “Wide Open Spaces”.
Still working on it, a lot needs to be done before this is ready, but on photo it looks OK.

It is called “197.000 Light Years Away”.
Each piece is 18×24”. Rather small by my standards, I like them big, really big.

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