Hard Edge Painting with Sarasota twist

After long and happy career as a business coach, I discovered, very recently, my passion for painting.

It came suddenly and it was huge surprise, as I’ve never had any inklings that there is an artist inside of me.

Right from the start I knew what is my style. Abstract in strong colors, on the cool side of the spectrum, flat surface, hard lines.

British critic Lawrence Alloway coined a name for this style: “Hard Edge Painting”. He used it to describe contemporary American geometric abstract painting featuring an “economy of form,” “fullness of color,” “neatness of surface,” and the nonrelational, allover arrangement of forms on the canvas.

This is what I paint.
Exactly that.

This style of geometric abstraction refers back to the work of Josef Albers and Piet Mondrian. Artists associated with Hard-edge painting include Al Held, Ellsworth Kelly, Alexander Liberman, Brice Marden, Kenneth Noland, Ad Reinhardt, and Jack Youngerman.

More about me coming soon