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My new little babies

Started to work on small paintings for a change. These are just 11×14 inch. Tiny little babies compared to my usual 24×36”.

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Splendid of Sarasota: “Sunset 2” and “Sunset 3”

Many experts tell me that to build a body of work, the best thing is to create a series of the same theme or even the same image in different variations. So, I am setting a new goal. Ten new … Continue reading

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And the winner is… Savannah Magnolia!

The winner of the last show in Sarasota Art Center was Savannah Magnolia with her humorous take on the drug abuse problem. This was already her fifth award in the last two years, so obvioulsy she is doing something right. … Continue reading

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“Made Fresh” in Sarasota Art Center

It looks good on the exhibition wall, doesn’t it? I called this one “77 squares”. OK, so it didn’t win any price, but many people liked it and that counts for something too, right?

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197.000 Light Years Away

I didn’t write lately because I’m getting ready for three different shows. Need to prepare five new paintings. And I can bet you know how it is – when we work on schedule everything takes longer than expected. So, much … Continue reading

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Just finished a new painting…

As my other paintings it is acrylic on canvas. The size is 24″x36″ I thought it will take me a week to finish, but it took much longer. Way longer – almost four weeks. All those squares in squares and … Continue reading

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So, this is the Loska Studio…

I am always interested in the so called ”behind the scenes”. So, if you are like me – here is the peek behind my curtain. On the easel is the painting I’m still working on, it is almost finished.

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Jan Lenica – Polish graphic designer and cartoonist

One of my greatest art inspirations since my teenager years was, and still is, Jan Lenica. He was known as the art critic and major artist of the Polish poster school, set and theatre-costume designer, children’s book illustrator, postage stamp … Continue reading

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At 105 Herrera is continuing to work

Just discovered Carmen Herrera via Netflix documentary. Wow! Love love LOVE her paintings, colors, shapes, everything feels like me. She says that painting flowers, nature, people etc. doesn’t interest her. Just shapes. And color. I feel the same. But wait, … Continue reading

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Painter’s salad for lunch

One of the reasons I fell in love with painting is that it makes me lose weight. Seriously. When I paint I’m so consumed by the whole process that I forget about eating. From time to time my brain sends … Continue reading

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