Color Study by Vassily Kandinsky

One of my great inspiration is Vassily Kandinsky. It is so cool that even though the official style of hard edge painting (which is my preferred style) started in the US, one of the fathers of abstract art was this guy from Russia.

Who would think?

I was raised in Poland and some of my ancestors were also from Russia. Of course we are not related, but somehow I feel good about this regional connection. Good enough to say that squares are in my blood 🙂

I fell in love with Kandinsky’s squares so much, that it inspired my new painting, which will look like this…

This is just a rough sketch in watercolor pencil. The painting will have much stronger colors. And much more detail. Every field will have another square in the square, and every circle will have another circle inside…

All together there will be 231 elements.
A lot of detailed work ahead of me.

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