How it all began…

Everything started with this landscape by Itzak Tarkay…

Inspired by Tarkay’s beautiful colors I created this triptych…

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2 Responses to How it all began…

  1. Márta Várhelyi says:

    Dear Wanda,
    Your pictures are very nice!
    Can you remamber Miami – Cosumel by MSC?
    GYÖNGYHAJÚ LÁNY was in Poland in TV.
    If you are going to Austria, PLEASE come to me to Budapest!
    Best regards: Marta

    • Wanda Loskot says:

      Hello Marta, sure I remember you! I visit Cozumel often – was there just last January and planning to go to Czumel for a week in September. Hope to get to Budapest one day!

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