Sunsets of The Gulf Coast

One of the most famous things we have in Sarasota is our sunsets. Because the Gulf Coast is facing the West, we have those mesmerizing views of sun disappearing behind the horizon of Gulf of Mexico.

Every sunset is different and the colors are sometimes truly incredible. It is not unusual to see deep purple next to emerald green. Seriously. Emerald green on the sky.

And I’m lucky enough to have a great view of those fabulous sunsets from lanai. Even though there is a narrow island between me and the sea – the famous Siesta Key with even more famous Siesta Beach – the sunsets are incredible.

The pinks and purples on this photo are incredible, don’t you agree?
And the sparkling blue eyes of my cat Domino 🙂

I love this sunset sky so much that this color combination will be one of my next paintings. To make sure that I won’t forget, just made a rough sketch made with acrylic pens to hang on the board in my studio…

Of course the colors on the sketch are quite lame, the acrylic pens are not blendable and I had just several colors. I promise it will be much more colorful, vibrant, and, oh well… magnificent 🙂

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