My first art show – and my first sale

That first art show was quite an experience. I decided to show my painting just to get some feedback, didn’t expect much, after all I was showing my second painting I have ever created. OK, technically it was a fourth painting, because the first one was a triptych, so we may count it perhaps as three pieces.

Nevertheless, I was there just to see if what I am doing is on some level comparable in quality to what other painters are doing. I was pleasantly surprised when during the submission I received a lot of compliments, but I thought they do compliment everyone’s work, just to be polite. However I got seriously surprised when I learned next day that the organizers liked my work so much that they decided to display one of my paintings in the prime spot, right at the entry.

So, I felt very validated. Much more than I expected. During the show many people approached me saying how much they loved my paintings. Both of them. So, not only my husband and friends liked it. Cool

But wait – there is more.
One of my painting got sold!

Holly smoke. I know personally people who paint for years and never sell anything, and not from lack of trying, and here I come, my first show and boom. Picture sold.

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