Painter’s salad for lunch

One of the reasons I fell in love with painting is that it makes me lose weight. Seriously. When I paint I’m so consumed by the whole process that I forget about eating. From time to time my brain sends me a signal “hey, I’m hungry”, but I say to myself, ok, I will go to eat something after I finish painting this square or after I use this this purple that mixed so lovely…

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Sunsets of The Gulf Coast

One of the most famous things we have in Sarasota is our sunsets. Because the Gulf Coast is facing the West, we have those mesmerizing views of sun disappearing behind the horizon of Gulf of Mexico.

Every sunset is different and the colors are sometimes truly incredible. It is not unusual to see deep purple next to emerald green. Seriously. Emerald green on the sky.

And I’m lucky enough to have a great view of those fabulous sunsets from lanai. Even though there is a narrow island between me and the sea – the famous Siesta Key with even more famous Siesta Beach – the sunsets are incredible.

The pinks and purples on this photo are incredible, don’t you agree?
And the sparkling blue eyes of my cat Domino 🙂

I love this sunset sky so much that this color combination will be one of my next paintings. To make sure that I won’t forget, just made a rough sketch made with acrylic pens to hang on the board in my studio…

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Color Study by Vassily Kandinsky

One of my great inspiration is Vassily Kandinsky. It is so cool that even though the official style of hard edge painting (which is my preferred style) started in the US, one of the fathers of abstract art was this guy from Russia.

Who would think?

I was raised in Poland and some of my ancestors were also from Russia. Of course we are not related, but somehow I feel good about this regional connection. Good enough to say that squares are in my blood 🙂

I fell in love with Kandinsky’s squares so much, that it inspired my new painting, which will look like this…

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My first art show – and my first sale

That first art show was quite an experience. I decided to show my painting just to get some feedback, didn’t expect much, after all I was showing my second painting I have ever created. OK, technically it was a fourth painting, because the first one was a triptych, so we may count it perhaps as three pieces.

Nevertheless, I was there just to see if what I am doing is on some level comparable in quality to what other painters are doing. I was pleasantly surprised when during the submission I received a lot of compliments, but I thought they do compliment everyone’s work, just to be polite. However I got seriously surprised when I learned next day that the organizers liked my work so much that they decided to display one of my paintings in the prime spot, right at the entry.

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New painting for the art show

I named this painting “Sarasota Sunset” and created it specially for the Pelican Cove Art Show. It measures 24×36 inches and took me three weeks from start to finish.

I documented the progress…

And below is the final version….

And lucky me – it sold right away!

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