Painter’s salad for lunch

One of the reasons I fell in love with painting is that it makes me lose weight. Seriously. When I paint I’m so consumed by the whole process that I forget about eating. From time to time my brain sends me a signal “hey, I’m hungry”, but I say to myself, ok, I will go to eat something after I finish painting this square or after I use this this purple that mixed so lovely…

And I keep painting. And very quickly I forget that I was hungry. It is not an usual that I skip breakfast and go even through the afternoon without having a bite to eat – just coffee and water is enough for me. Which is total novelty in my life because I basically love to eat and there’s a good reason why I am overweight. I really love, love, love food.

Well, evidently I love painting more than I love eating. And that’s a good thing because since I started to paint I lost about 35 pounds without dieting, just by staying away from food.

Perhaps there is something that satisfies my appetite because because I deal all day long with beautifull, yummy colors? Come to think my palette looks like a lovely salad, don’t you agree?

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